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Spotlight on a Rapper

Recording &production



We intertwine creativity with mentorship. We teach music making, music business and engineering with life skills. Promoting planning ahead and mindful thinking. We can set up anywhere you ARE, with our mobile setup. 

1st, 2nd, 3rd sessions – Information: Music business break down, Recording equipment training, copyright & trademark protection, contract and 360 deal outlook, career options and Artist branding as well as ASCAP/BMI artist society rundown. 

 1-4 hours, and full recording set up. (Including, public speaking, music production, counseling, decision making and team building skills).  [session 1] Intro/equipment relation to life and thinking ahead building. [session 2] Song formulation/life goals and proper planning with writing and recording sessions.


[Week 3 - 4] Team building/group recording, community forming ideas with recording/writing sessions. [session 3 Mixing recordings/reinforce goal settings and rewards. Applying self awareness and mindful thinking. [session 4] Introduce editing and remixing to simulate correction and growth. Re-Write song and life ideas to promote self worth. 

4th,5th,6th sessions – Music business break down & Recording equipment training.

All the above weeks with additional (session 1 & 2) Exploring AMP (Anger Management program) where we introduce the functions of an amplifier as a way to manage anger to get the best results. Engage the EQ’s (Exchange Quantity and Quality) which uses the processing of an equalizer to bring attention to leveling any excessive or abusive self action


7th-10th sessions – 1-2 hours. A crash coarse and combination of all above 

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