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Music: The Universal Language

Within our program we utilize an audio recording studio and/or recording set up if we are in the public school settings. This action engages the youth/young adult, stimulating the mind to explore creative options and thought patterns. We then implement the curriculum AMP ( Anger Management placement) and EQ's (Exchange Quality's) which is a drug and violence deturent . Both curriculums are base on music equipment and how sound is managed and altered through them. We use that as examples on how to channel themselves like sound, ....sound body, sound mind, sound soul.

we start of by brainstorming and gathering all the ideas. (Creative thinking-we have attendants make a truthful account of their lives)


We make corrections and clean up the recorded ideas to get the best end results. (reflecting - the attendants can morally decipher the errors in their life)


we put the idea in writing to make it tangable. (visualizing - we have the attendants make their lives seen)


Once project is done, we review the finished work to gain a new stand point and alterations that can make the original idea its best (self renewal and growth - attendant are empowered to make better decisions) 


We take what they see in there idea and we record them so they can be heard back ( acknowledgement - to play back the attendants recording creates ownership )


At the end we embrace the insights and apply the mindful thing in our day to day life. (That's a hit)

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