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At the age of fifteen, SPUD was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole in seven years. SPUD remained in prison for thirteen years, released at the age of twenty-eight.

When he was released SPUD was reentering a society that was undergoing rapid change, largely driven by the age of technology that had dawned.

The challenges a person faces after a long period of incarceration are numerous and often insurmountable for many; they often lapse into an endless cycle of reoffending and re-incarceration. SPUD did not fall prey to this. SPUD overcame the challenges he was confronted with, making a life for himself; he completed his parole in three years.

SPUD is a true story of reformation and redemption. SPUD is raising a family, running a recording studio and also the owner of a branding company. SPUD has also founded a non-protfit company to help others decipher life's challenges that come their way and make better life decisions for themselves using his story and love for the art. 

On top of his accolades he is a business advisor for many top companies and  an A&R consultant for many Major Records labels. He is not done writing his story. 

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